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16ft mast lift from MEC

Californian manufacturer MEC has unveiled a new 16ft all-electric, self-propelled mast lift - the MMAE16.

The new lift has no hydraulic fluid and relies purely on electric motors to power the lift, drive and steering. It offers a maximum working height of 6.8 metres indoors and 5.6 metres outdoors. Platform capacity is 227kg with 113kg on the roll out platform.
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The new machine has an overall width of 760mm, a stowed height of 1.98 metres and an overall length of 1.4 metres. It has an all-up weight of 985kg, including a 500mm roll out deck extension with extends the 700mm wide platform from 1.0 to 1.5 metres.

Vice president of engineering Gary Crook said: “MEC stays true to our mission of ‘A Better Solution’ in everything we do, and this is a strong confirmation for a delivering an all-electric machine and eliminating the potential of hydraulic leaks.”