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120 Bravi Leonardo HD for Beyer

German crane and access rental company Beyer-Mietservice has taken delivery of 120 Bravi Leonardo HD 10ft self-propelled mast lifts.

The Leonardo HD has a maximum working height of almost five metres and a platform capacity of 180kg. The HD comes with two extensions to create a 1.71 metre by 680mm working platform. The machine’s specified by Beyer weigh 560kg - 50kg heavier than the basic model - with an overall width of 739mm. Drive is direct electric enabling the machine to travel up to 12 kilometres on a single charge. Beyer often changes the model designation for lifts in its rental fleet, so the HD becomes the Beyer Flexxilift TMB 49 E - for its 4.9 metre working height.
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More than half of Beyer’s new Bravi Leonardo HDs - 74 or 75?

Deliveries of the new machines began earlier this year and are now complete. The company says that since they arrived many have rarely spent any time in the yard. After featuring in a promotional photograph, a large number of the units went out on a long term rental contract.

The company said: “When purchasing these mast platforms, special attention was paid to safety considerations. Countless fall accidents still happen in the construction industry and in trade. Accidents that can be avoided. In the revised version of the Technical Rules for Operational Safety (Technischen Regeln für die Betriebssicherheit) (TRBS), the Committee for Operational Safety specifies the ‘risk to employees when using ladders’. Accordingly, ‘work from ladder steps or a platform may only be carried out up to a standing height of two metres, or work between two and five metres for no more than two hours per shift’. So, in essence working at heights of more than five metres is no longer permitted from ladders!”
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A closer look at the machine the company calls the FleXXlift TMC 49 E