Strong first half for Easylift

Italian spider lift company Easylift has reported a 20 percent in new machine sales, compared to the same period last year, while revenues are set to increase almost 30 percent. The company is privately held and does not divulge actual numbers – just rounded Percentage increases.

The results build on the 50 percent growth the company claims to have achieved in the full year 2021, while the upward trend appears to be continuing through the second quarter.

The company statement said: “2022 is turning out to be a very complex year. Between the tail of a global pandemic, a conflict on the doorstep of Europe, scarce raw materials, delivery delays and skyrocketing prices ... uncertainty is the order of the day.”

“The major criticality encountered in recent months has been the difficulty in procuring materials: from carpentry to electronic and hydraulic components, despite the well studied planning of purchases. The constant increase in prices is a worrying variable and makes it difficult to plan expenses and manage sales prices, especially for orders with average deliveries over six months.”

“Easy Lift, realising the importance of being able to plan production, has helped its main dealers plan their purchases, giving them the possibility to make changes to the machines ordered, with two months’ notice of the expected delivery. This strategy allowed it to plan production until the end of the year (with orders up to February 2023) and also proved successful for dealers, who were not unprepared for urgent delivery requests from some customers, at least for the most popular models in their respective markets.”


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