Palfinger PK 135.002 TEC 7 for Singapore

Singapore’s Lee Teck Lee Transport has taken delivery of the first Palfinger PK 135.002 TEC 7 to arrive in the city state.
Lee Teck Lee’s Palfinger PK 135.002 TEC 7

The new 109 tonne/metre crane was unveiled in 2017 has a maximum capacity of 30 tonnes at around 3.5 metres, or more practically 22.7 tonnes at 4.5 metres, and a maximum hydraulic radius of 22 metres on the 10 section boom at which it can handle 3.8 tonnes. The crane is also equipped with the PJ290 jib for a maximum radius of 32 metres at which it can still lift 1,280kg.
The new crane has a maximum radius of 32 metres

The new crane is now the largest unit in the Lee Teck Lee fleet which includes 10 Palfinger cranes. The main application envisaged for the new crane is to hoist soil testing machines from one location to another, along with other projects related to the Mass Rapid Transit company and Land Transport Authority in Singapore.

The company says that the long outreach enables the crane to remain on the road and reach into a site past obstacles such as trees, fences and drains, while avoiding the need to go onto soil and soft terrain, especially when torrential rain is a frequent occurrence. It also helps avoid damage to the environment which increasingly incurs heavy fines.


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