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LGMG mast duo

LGMG unveiled two new models last week with vertical masts they are the:
10m mast boom
The M0810JE is a classic 10 metre working height mast boom, with a 3.2 metre jib, and 200kg platform capacity. Overall width is one metre, while the overall stowed length is 2.6 metres. It has an indoor two person rating, while it the outdoor rating is for one person in the platform. Overall weight is 2,720kg. Shipments to European buyers have already commenced.
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The LGMG M0810JE mast boom

12ft mast lift
The second machine is the 12ft platform height M0407TE mast type lift, with a platform capacity of 230kg, 5.7 metre working height and an overall width of 760mm. The overall length is 1.36 metres, and closed height 1.69 metres, with an overall weight of 835kg, making it idea for travelling to upper floors in a regular passenger elevator.
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the 12ft M0407TE mast lift