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CTE launches future of ‘Zed’

Italian truck mounted and spider lift manufacturer CTE has confirmed the launch of a new 22 metre articulated truck mounted lift, the Zeta 22. While the machine was unveiled at Bauma in late October, it was to some extent overshadowed by the new all-electric MP 20 Ev.

Lift configuration
The Zeta 22 utilises a dual sigma type riser, the lower arm being shorter than the upper one, with the two connected by a clever boomerang shaped linkage. The riser mechanism is topped by a three section telescopic boom with an end mounted platform. All of which is mounted on a 3.5 tonne chassis. The new model fits into the current range between the Zed 21.3 and Zed 23.3.
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Maximum outreach is just 10 metres with 100kg in the platform at an up & over height of around 9.8 metres. With 200kg in the basket, maximum outreach is 8.5 metres, while the 250kg maximum platform capacity, an outreach of up to 7.5 metres is possible. However, at the full up & over height, outreach is reduced to 7.5 and 7.0 metres respectively.
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The Zeta 22 is the first model in a new range of articulated truck mounted platforms, which will take over form the highly successful ‘Z’ models which first appeared with the Z-16 in 1993 with the hugely popular Z-20 arriving in 1996. The ‘Z’ was changed to Zed in 2009, with [](the 10,000th Z or Zed 20) coming off line in September 2015.

The Zeta 22 is also equipped with CTE’s S3 EVO platform management system, while the outriggers are variable with a minimum footprint of 2.3 metre wide and 2.44 metres long extending to 2.54 x 2.94 metres, with automatic monitoring and work envelope adjustment... Options include a wired remote control for all functions, with a seven metre cable and one button automatic boom return to stowed position. A fully integrated cloud based telematics system is also available.
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Chassis options
The new platform will be available on either an Iveco or Isuzu chassis with overall dimension on the Iveco of 2.44 metres wide over the wing mirrors, with an overall width of 7.31 metres and an overall height of just over three metres.

Video tour
The following video provides a good introduction to the new machine.

Vertikal Comment
This looks like a very good new machine in terms of structure, configuration and finish and bodes well for the new generation of CTE articulated 3.5 tonne truck mounts. But the true test is how well it operates and feels, and how reliable it proves to be. We look forward to trying it in the iron, at Vertikal Days if not before. In the meantime we will do a full comparison to appear in the next Cranes & Access magazine.