60 tonne solar crane

Germany’s Autodienst Eineder has taken delivery of a 60 tonne Liebherr LTR 1060 telescopic crawler crane and has put it to work in a solar farm/field application.

The LTR 1060 appealed to the company for this application, due to its capability in soft ground, its compact dimensions and pick & carry ability. The LTR 1060 is equipped with a five section 40 metre main boom, a 2.5 metre assembly jib and a 9.5 to 16 metres bi-fold swingaway extension to provide a maximum tip height of almost 59 metres. The LTR 1060 has a full working width of 4.8 metres, but also has load charts for the reduced width of three metres with the chart calculated by the crane’s control system.

Managing Director Peter Eineder said: "Its off road capability and manoeuvrability makes the LTR 1060 ideal for jobs in solar parks. Its pick & carry mode is particularly good as it enables us to carry transformer stations weighing up to 20 tonnes straight from the transport vehicle to the installation site.”

“That is a major benefit on constricted sites. We also appreciate the sensitive control of the LTR 1060 when things are tight. It is also easy to transport the 62 tonne crane, thanks to its overall height of just 3.15 metres. If the 25.6 tonnes of ballast is taken off the weight is reduced to 37.5 tonnes - for axle loads of less than 10 tonnes using a three axle tractor unit and a four axle low loader.”

“The LTR 1060 is a fantastic crane. Even as a 40 tonner without its ballast, it is perfect for many jobs, including installing small transformer cabinets."