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New 135 t/m Effer

Hiab has launched the new 135 tonne/metre Effer iQ.1400 HP 'super heavy loader crane'.

The new crane combines the V10-Force decagonal boom with up to 10 sections - base plus nine telescopic elements - which provides a tip height of 25.5 metres, or a 21.48 metre radius with a capacity of 3,700kg. The maximum capacity is 30 tonnes at a 3.2 metre radius.
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It can be topped with a seven section jib, taking the maximum tip height to almost 40 metres, or a maximum radius of 33.6 metres, with a capacity of 1,150kg. The jib can be raised by 20 degrees above the horizontal boom and with the boom elevated to 70 degrees (the maximum boom elevation is 83 degrees) and the jib horizontal, the up & over height is 26 metres with an outreach of 19 metres with a capacity of 1,300kg.
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The SPACEevo control system includes the Load Stability System (LSS-V) which compensates for unintentionally excessive lever movement in the vertical plane, while the Variable Stability Logic Plus (VSL+) feature optimises lifting capacity by monitoring the position and pressure of the stabiliser legs. The Dynamic Load Chart (DLC-S) reduces setup time by simulating the capacity before setting the outriggers. load charts can be found by scrolling down

Owners can access Hiab’s HiConnect telematics system that provides access to a real time view of the equipment’s condition, while monitoring its status.

Hiab said: “The high lifting capacity makes it suitable for many applications, but the possible 83 degrees working angle is perfectly suited for operations in metropolitan areas. Being able to work closer to the buildings, makes it less obtrusive to the surroundings, and the boom profile reduces the side oscillations for high precision load delivery.”

Marcel Boxem of Hiab added: “Customers will be able to experience a whole new level of heavy load lifting, with a crane that excels with a vertical reach of over 39 metres. The engineering, combined with a CombiDrive4 remote control from Olsbergs gives operators unprecedented precision even at high heights. The 135 tonne/metre range delivers performances similar to bigger cranes, while the smaller frame makes it suitable for installation on smaller trucks and provides plenty of payload, not normally seen in this market sector.”
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The preliminary main boom load chart

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The jib chart