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One year on for Ukraine aid alliance

It has been 12 months since the formation of the UK based, but increasingly international, Plant and Hire Aid Alliance, which was set up by Jeremy Fish of UK rental company Ardent to deliver much needed aid to Ukraine, following the Russian invasion.

In the year since the 100 percent volunteer alliance has handed over more than £2 million worth of aid directly to people in need, much of it delivered by two large convoys of volunteers - most of them from rental companies, manufacturers and dealers.

The material delivered so far includes:

- 1,600 mattresses & 3,000 blankets
- 300 Antler suitcases
- 60 tonnes of food
- 50 tonnes of medical supplies
- 1,500 crates of mixed aid
- 30,000 Christmas presents
- 135 generators

Join the next convoy

A further convoy taking humanitarian aid via Kosice in East Slovakia is planned for October 15th and 16th. Speaking of the next convoy Jeremy Fish said: “The route and channel for distributing aid is now well and truly ‘tried and tested’ and very straightforward. Those that attended last time had a lot of fun and it was humbling and inspiring to meet so many enthusiastic Ukrainian refugees who unloaded our vehicles. If anyone would like to participate, please let me know as we’ll start to get a list together in the next few weeks.”
Click here to see a short presentation of the Alliance's contributions
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Fish sent the following letter to all those who contributed, helped or took part in the effort:

“I’m delighted to enclose a summary of some of the achievements of the Plant and Hire Aid Alliance in the last 12 months which have helped thousands of people during their hour of need, or, in the case of Ukrainian children, we have brought a smile and some happiness to their faces during times of great uncertainty. Colleagues often lament the state of the world economy and the impact on their businesses as a reason for their inertia in supporting Ukraine. Let’s not forget that many of the world’s problems have been created by the invasion including food and power shortages and rampant inflation. The more we can provide Ukrainians with the support they need to get them back on their feet, the more we can help bring back a degree of normality. We hope the war will end soon.
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The Russians are hoping that the media will lose interest in Ukraine and inter-government support will wane. We’re seeing this already and I very much hope that Alliance members will see through these shallow tactics and stay with the cause through to the end. There are too few, doing too little, when so many need so much more. We need more help and support. If any Alliance members are interested in organising events, fundraisers or are willing to lobby their contacts for donations then please get in touch. Every penny we raise goes to Ukraine, we have no overheads and everything we do is on a voluntary basis.

In the meantime, thank you for your support. As you look through the slides in the attached presentation, see what YOU have achieved. See the difference YOU have made. (You can click here to go directly to the library to see/download the presentation which is very impressive and certainly worth a look.)
Best Regards

You can really help

You can dontate to the cause and or participate by volunteering - take a look at the organisations's website to donate directly to the generator appeal simply go to the Just Giving page, every single penny is used to the purchase generators, with the delivery through Ukraine's Rotary Club, tracked by the appeal.


Thank you very much for your kind hearts!

Apr 17, 2023