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First 40m Hinowa in the UK

UK rental company Paramount Platforms has taken nine Hinowa spider lifts including the the first 40 metre Lightlift 40.18 Performance IIIS to arrive in the UK.

Purchased through UK distributor Access Platform Sales (APS), the new order, is worth more than £1 million Paramount’s largest ever. It includes the new 40 metre Hinowa Lightlift 40.18 Performance IIIS. The new lift features a four section lower boom/riser and three section upper boom for a maximum outreach of 17.5 metres at an up & over height of 10 metres, or 17 metres outreach at an up & over height of 23 metres. It can also reach four metres below ground level.
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The 40m Hinowa LL40.18

The maximum capacity is 300kg/three people and is good throughout most of the working envelope, reducing to 230kg for the last metre of outreach, or when the upper boom is fully elevated, while the lower boom remains stowed. The new machines has a Lithium battery/diesel bi energy power pack.
The order also includes two of the new 18.5 metre Lightlift 18.80s with lithium battery/ diesel power which offers an outreach of 7.8 metres with the 230kg unrestricted platform capacity. The all up weight is 2.97 tonnes allowing it to be transported on a two axle trailer. Click here for the launch report
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The LL40.18 features dual telescopic booms

The rest of the order includes two 15 metre Lightlift 15.70 spider lifts, two 20 metre Lightlift 20.10s , a 26 metre Lightlift 26.14 all with diesel/110v electric bi energy power packs and finally a 33 metre Lightlift 33.17. with the same lithium/diesel power pack as the 40 metre unit.
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Some of Paramount’s spiders at work

Paramount Platforms director Lee Kerr said: "We've had Hinowa platforms in our fleet since our inception 13 years ago because they are the best and most user-friendly tracked spider available on the market. Our customers like using them because they're so simple and smooth to operate. We're strengthening our fleet across the working height range because of customer demand. We're looking forward to being the first rental company in the UK to offer the Hinowa Lightlift 40.18. What's so good about it is that it has exactly the same operating system as all other Hinowa platforms. It may give much greater working height, but it's still one touch of button to level the platform and away you go. So, our customers will have zero difficulty in using it."

"Lithium bi-energy spider lifts are growing in popularity because clients want the flexibility and efficiency of indoor and outdoor working in one machine. Also, being able to use nearly silent, zero emissions platforms is ideal for working in residential areas. The clients of the contractors we work with are also increasingly expecting a contribution to their zero carbon strategies. It all means we can see our big Hinowa machines, like our Hinowa Lightlift 33.17s and Hinowa Lightlift 40.18, are going to be very popular."

Steve Couling of APS added: "We're delighted Lee and his team, and their customers, have such confidence in Hinowa spider booms. Their performance characteristics are matched by excellent quality and reliability. Also, the range of lithium electric options means Hinowa platforms are more sustainable than ever."