New booms and scissors from JCB

JCB has launched Electric and hybrid versions of its 45ft AJ48D articulated diesel boom lift, that it currently sells in North America, and introduced the first three models in what will be a line of six electric drive slab scissor lifts. At the same tim it has confirmed that all new JCB aerial lifts will be built at the company’s facilities in India and for global distribution.
The new A45EH and S3246E at the launch

Articulated booms

The A45E and A45EH are basically one and the same machine, which different power options. The maximum working height is almost 16 metres with a maximum outreach of 7.47 metres at an up and over height of 7.48 metres and an unrestricted platform capacity of 300kg. No spec sheet is available yet, but the overall weights are expected to be around 7,800kg. Features include secondary guarding, foam filled non marking tyres and JCB’s LiveLink real-time remote monitoring which provides operating data on performance, service schedules and fault codes. Managers can also remotely record engine operation, low fuel warnings, tilt sensor warnings and overload warnings as well as battery voltage, fuel level and platform load percentage data.
The A45E

The control panel

The 48 Volt, 400AH A45E is powered by eight 6V batteries, located on either side of the chassis for a low centre of gravity. The batteries power four AC wheel drive motors.
A45E drive motors

The A45EH uses a three cylinder Kohler diesel driving a 7.5kWA generator to keep the machine’s eight 6V batteries topped up - so you might call it a range extender. The engine is mounted on a swing-out tray for service. A 40 litre fuel tank is said to have enough fuel for a full week of typical use and the battery can also be plugged into a mains supply if available.
The ground level control panel

Four wheel drive, two wheel steering and an oscillating rear axle are standard as is regenerative braking to top up the battery pack. Gradeability is 40 percent.
The 840mm by 1.84 metre platform has three entry points with four harness attachment points. The booms come with a Slew Acknowledgment feature, where the operator must register if the boom is slewed over the side of the chassis before driving when elevated. The tilt sensor is set at five degrees.

Both machines are fitted with a 5" colour touch screen display on the platform control panel, providing operators with essential data and controls. There is also no need to physically switch between platform and ground controls.

Electric drive scissors

JCB has also updated its slab electric scissor lift range from hydraulic to direct electric wheel motor drive. There will eventually be six models in the new range, starting with the 19ft S1932E, 26ft S2632E and 32ft S3246E, followed later this year by the wider 26ft S2646E, along with the 40ft S4050E and 45ft S4550E. Working heights range from 7.7 to 15.8 metres and capacities from 230 to 450kg and overall widths of 810mm, 1.2 and 1.3 metres.
The S1932E is 50mm wider and 106kg lighter than the S1932 it replaces

The S1932E model replaces S1930E and is 50mm wider for 106kg reduction in overall weight. The 810mm wide S2632E has a platform height of 7.92 metres with a 250kg platform capacity and the 1.17 metre wide S3246E has a 9.7 metre platform height, but with a 320kg platform capacity.

JCB says that the switch to direct electric drive increases the run time on a single battery charge by 53 percent. The electric motor drive also provides increased torque, while reducing the number of hydraulic connections by up to 50 percent, cutting the potential for leaks and reducing maintenance costs.
The 26ft/1.2 metre wide S2646E has a working height of 7.9 metres and 450kg platform capacity

Other models planned for later this year include the 26ft/1.2 metre wide S2646E with a working height of 7.9 metres and 450kg platform capacity, the 40ft S4046E with an 11.9 metre working height and 320kg capacity and the 45ft S4550E with 13.8 metres of working height, 230kg platform capacity and overall width of 1.3 metres.

The new models maintain the same basic features as the hydraulic driven units such as full height entry gates, active pothole protection, swing-out trays and EPD paint finish.
The S3246E has a 9.7 metre platform height and a 320kg platform capacity