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MEC mast boom

California based MEC Aerial Work Platforms has launched its first mast boom, the 11.2 metre MME30-RJ with direct wheel motor AC electric drive.

The MME30-RJ is essentially a Mec version of Dingli’s AMWP11.5-8100, it features both indoor and outdoor ratings, although the outdoor working height is limited to 10.2 metres. outreach is 2.6 metres at an up & over height of 7.6 metres, maximum capacity is 227kg. The overall width is the classic one metre, while the machine weighs just under three tonnes. The unit has a larger platform than is typical on this type of machine, at one metres wide by 760mm deep.

AGM maintenance free batteries are standard, which combined with the AC drive motors, provides a long work cycles between re charging.
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Vice president of engineering Gary Crook said: “When we inquired about the single most detrimental aspect of this type of machine to Total Cost of Ownership, we heard loud and clear that it was wet lead acid type batteries and the difficulty to maintain them. We eliminated this problem by using AGM type batteries that are maintenance free and hence a solid predictor to a lower TCO”


Dingli copy a Haulotte mast lift, and MEC rebadge it. As the French say, L'imitation est la plus sincère des flatteries.

May 11, 2023

They abound
Didn't know they were still going.

May 8, 2023