No diesel power option

UK tower crane rental company Falcon Cranes is to offer the Northvolt Voltpack energy storage system to power its cranes and equipment.

The Northvolt Voltpack is made up of a modular battery to provide a total of between 281kWH and 1,405kWh of power, storing energy from an AC mains outlet or renewable sources, such as solar panels or wind turbines, in its batteries.
The Northvolt Voltpack

Recharging can be carried out overnight or the unit can be left plugged into an AC outlet to keep it topped up. The stored energy can then be used to power cranes without the need for generators eliminating diesel fuel and resulting emissions. Depending on the size of the pack, the batteries can be fully recharged from empty in around four hours on a 125 amp outlet.

The new system will be displayed on the Falcon stand at Vertikal Days this week, alongside other no diesel solutions, such as the Punch Flybird – for more information on Punch see Cranes & Access October 2022- page 48

Andy Brown of Falcon said: ”The Northvolt Voltpack Battery system is just one step to Falcon’s Path to using diesel free power. With the arrival of a number of Stage V diesel generators, new start stop technology for use in tower cranes and the Punch Flybrid system, Falcon is committed to reducing and eventually removing diesel altogether whilst renting tower cranes.”