New winch attachment for Palazzani TZX 250

Italian spider lift manufacturer Palazzani has introduced a new winch attachment for its 25 metre TZX 250 spider lift, effectively transforming it into a spider crane with a maximum capacity of 250kg.

The crane can take the 250kg to a lift height of 22.5 metres and out to a radius of seven metres at an up & over height of seven metres or around five metres radius at an up & over height of 12 metres. The company says that the switch over from basket to hoist/winch takes minutes and is very easy to do.
The Ragno TZX 250 with hoist installed in place of the basket

The Ragno TZX 250 is an articulated model - part of its co-operation agreement with Multitel - with twin telescopic aluminium booms. The new winch is driven by a hydraulic motor and comes with 32 metres of 7mm diameter rope and a remote controller.
This latest introduction joins the 500kg and 980kg hydraulic winches on the TSJ and XTJ models, which has proven a popular option internationally, especially on the larger models from 37 to 52 metres.
The TZX 250 can lift 250kg at a radius of seven metres at a clearance height of seven metres

The TZX 250 has an overall width of 980mm with an overall height of just under two metres and a length of just over five metres with either the basket or the hoist in place. The machine has an overall weight of 2,650kg, while the outrigger width is variable from 2.84 to 3.5 metres. Power options include diesel with AC mains motor for indoor work, or a Lithium ion phosphate battery pack with AC plug in motor.