Crane and operator dropped

An articulated pick & carry crane was dropped as it was being loaded onto a ship in the port of Kandla, Gujarat, in North West India last Friday. The incident occurred at berth No.6 of the Deendayal Port Trust.

The crane, a relatively modern Escorts model, was being lifted on board by one of the port’s mobile harbour cranes and was slung with what looks like a three leg webbing sling arrangement. Two of the web slings were attached to the crane's rear lifting eyes, while the third was looped around the base of the boom. It also appears that a man stupidly decided to ride with the load sitting in the crane cab. Just as the load cleared the height of the ship’s hull, the front web sling gave way at the exit point of the loop, causing the front of the crane to fall, tipping it upside down and then down to the dockside.

We understand from local news reports that miraculously no one was hurt in the incident. If so then the man in the crane cab was extremely lucky. The following video shows it as it happened.


You can only go on the information supplied, but I suspect that we don't all have the same definition of "hurt". Dropping a crane on it's cabin from height, doesn't look like the sort of incident were you don't get injured at all.
Hoping that at least it was nothing serious.

Aug 30, 2023