Who needs cones or traffic control?

Posted on social media last week, a video of two men in a work platform on the forks of a telehandler, installing a sign from the middle of the road as traffic squeezes by in Appelby in Westmoreland, Cumbria.

It seems churlish to ask if they were harnessed in or not! But where to begin? At least they are not standing on a pallet or in a bucket, and the traffic is being slowed to around half the official 20mph speed limit - at least while the traffic remains busy.

Even if we avoid mentioning the chance of the machine being clipped by a larger car or commercial vehicle, there is the risk to motorists below if any tool gets dropped, or the sign falls while they are working on it.

This one is really self explanatory and does not merit further comment. Definitely one for our Death Wish series.
Have a safe weekend,

Watch the video below

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