Crane overturn

A five axle All Terrain crane with fully extended boom has overturned on a job site in the UK.

We were alerted to the incident this morning and so far cannot categorically confirm the location, or project. The crane, a brand new addition to the Baldwins Crane Hire fleet, was set up with decent outrigger mats and the ground does not appear to have been an issue. Thankfully no one was hurt in the incident and the damage was limited to the crane itself.

The crane was provided to the customer, or a lift planner on a pure CPA Crane Hire terms, which for those who don’t know means that the company taking the crane is responsible for the crane, lift plan, insurance and supervision. It compares with a Contract Lift where the crane rental company plans, supervises and takes responsibility for the lift.

Baldwins has provided us with a statement as follows:

“One of our Mobile Cranes was involved in an incident on a customer’s site. The Crane is one of our new models and has recently entered service, it was on site under CPA Hire basis when the incident occurred.”

“The working practice mitigated the risk to others on site, and as a result, there has been no personnel injuries or damage to property. At this time investigations by the hirer, ourselves and manufacturer are taking place to ascertain the factors of the incident, with any necessary details shared as applicable.”

We will of course update this item as we learn more.


Good Morning Mr Wood,

Please ask your Construction Plant Association Members (CPA) to have the Courage of their Convictions and sign off in their real names. So that the world knows the True Identity of the people who practice this schoolboy Thumbs Down nonsense.

As 16yrs of Research into 1392 (1392) Crane and Lifting Incidents worldwide were
indeed matters of Life and DEATH to the 780 victims of these Fatal Incidents worldwide since Monday morning the 7th of May 2007.

Why, because Worker Safety is important, very important and much too important to leave it to chance. Moreover the HSE in the UK also read these reports and will draw their own conclusions as to why some CPA members attempt to suppress legitimate debate on the subject of Worker Safety 24/7. So please invite me to your AGM in Henley in Arden 2024 in order to share my data with all CPA members.

Kind Regards
Mike Ponsonby

Sep 11, 2023

Good Morning Crane Lads,

Your point is well made as no one was killed by this Overturned Crane above.
Unlike the 1386 (1386) Lifting incidents before this when 779 (779) persons
Worldwide were Killed since Monday 7 May 2007.

However your excellent comment is aimed at the wrong group of People as Directors Control Companies (not Crane Operators). So as there is self-evidently an ongoing issue with Managing Safety the Employer Duty Holders are required to undertake

1. Training Courses for all Directors, Managers and Employees to include
Safe Systems of Work (SSoW) including but not limited to how to Calculate the
Effects of Force, Mass and Gravity involved in all Lifting Operations.

2. Written Instructions by Risk Assessment and Method Statements stating the SSoW
For all persons involved in Lifting Operations Nationwide at all times.

3. Site and Yard Supervision to ensure that everyone goes home in one piece at the
end of the day with No Repeat of the 10 x Lifting incidents Researched and Recorded during August 2023. Because if these negligent lifting practices continue like this the matter of Employers Liability Insurance will become Prohibitively Expensive for all Employers not just some ???

Kind Regards
Mike Ponsonby

Sep 4, 2023

Crane lads
At least no one was killed. All operators need to up your game no matter what company you work for.

Sep 1, 2023