New 11m mast boom

Chinese manufacturer Reeslift has launched a new mast boom, the 11.2 metre AMWP11.2-8100.

As indicated the maximum working height is 11.2 metres while the maximum outreach is three metres at an up & over height of 7.89 metres. The lift mechanism is a classic six section steel box type mast topped by a jib with 130 degrees of articulation. Maximum/unrestricted platform capacity is 200kg and slew 345 degrees.
The new Reeslift AMWP11.2-8100

When stowed the machine has an overall length of 2.53 metres, an overall width of one metre and is just lower than a two metre overhead doorway. Overall weight is 2,950kg. The unit features automatic pothole protection, AC direct wheel drive and hydraulic pump motors and can drive at full height.

Standard equipment includes non-marking tyres, a load sense system and drive enable safety switch, while the basic hydraulic system is already prepared for explosion proofing.
As with most mast booms of this size, overall width is one metre with zero tailswing

Reeslift was established in 2015 and is based in the Feicheng Bianyuan Economic Area of Shandong, China, - roughly half way between Beijing and Shanghai. Its product line is mostly low level, including mast type lifts, mast booms, slab electric scissor lifts, push around and portable lifts along with material lifts. It claims to produce around 5,000 units a year, much of which is exported.

Vertikal Comment

This looks like a good machine and is virtually identical to the Dingli AMWP11.5-8200AC except it has a slightly smaller platform, providing a slightly shorter overall length when stowed. Most mast booms in this size range offer 10 metre working heights. While the extra 1.2 metres will be invaluable for some, it does not seem to be significant factor in most buyers purchasing decisions.

The extra mast section on the Reeslift and the Dingli, does take the overall weight up to the just under three tonnes - a critical threshold for many rental companies - while the Haulotte Star 10 or Manitou 100 VJR for example weigh 2,650kg and are a few millimetres narrower.

Having said all that, this looks like an excellent machine in terms of specification. The real test though, especially in this market sector, is build quality, reliability and most importantly after sales support and back up.


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Sep 5, 2023