Join the convoy

The Plant & Hire Aid Alliance is organising another convoy of aid for people in need in Ukraine. It will be held on Sunday 15th and Monday the 16th of October.

This will be the third humanitarian run the charity has organised and will travel to the Slovakian town of Chminianska Nová Ves, near to the border with Ukraine, where volunteers from Rotary International will distribute the aid via their humanitarian centres in Uzhorrod and Vinnytsia to those affected by the war.

Several members of the aid alliance have already signed up, but participants with vans, trucks or estate cars are invited to gather much needed items and join the convoy. While it will set out from the UK, there is no reason why companies or individuals based in continental Europe could not meet up and join along the route.

Rotary International is looking for the any of the items below. Even if you are unable to join the excursion you can always participate by sending any of the items to the address below where Ardent is consolidating the donations. They should be sent to Ardent Hire, 289-297 Felixstowe Road, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP3 9BS before the 7th of October.

Items requested:
- food, camping food, baby food,
- aids for disabled and elderly,
- hygiene items (except sanitisers),
- generators (5kW and more)
- heaters
- candles, torches
- sleeping bags and mats
- thermal clothing, warm socks
- first aid kits
- power banks
- bedding and blankets
- disposable dishes.
Donations should ideally be packed in boxes or in bags and clearly labelled showing the items and quantities. This will help with clearing items through customs.

Those planning to travel with the convoy, but struggling to fill vans might be able to top them up with the donations sent in.

If you would like to participate with a van, please contact the Alliance at [email protected]


Many thanks from ordinary Ukrainians for the fact that you still have the strength and will to help us. I myself am a volunteer, I live in the city of Berdichev. Together to victory!

Sep 17, 2023