Platformers' Days 2023

We bring you a first photo review of Platformers' Days 2023.
The Platformers' PD logo

The first morning and visitors arrive

CMC in the outdoor area

Genie all blue in the hall

The Midi trailer mounted self-erecting tower crane

Merlo, CTE and Schwab

Eye-catcher in the hall: a stand with an old Fuchs excavator on board

Mini & Mobile Cranes Körner with Unic, Kato and Sunward

The Uplifter stand

Hoeflon’s mini/spider cranes

The trade stands area

A packed LGMG stand


Zoomlion's new 27m ZX 27 AE spider lift


Raphael Schibura in the platform with Michael Schapperth of Hematec in the demo area


The main aisle of the outside area

Palfinger loader cranes and platforms

Ruthmann truck mounts

There was plenty of sun

The Wendel Arbeitsbühnen stand with FB Gru

France Elévateur‘s E-Upto 15m van mount

Local company Gushurst

Paus and Kunze with Socage and Platform Basket

The Sahalift stand

PB scissor lifts and Klaas aluminium cranes

The Leva+ stand with a Liebherr LR13000 crawler crane model in Lego

The evening event gets underway

Sunset over the fairground

More photos to follow.