New Böcker for roofer

The roofing company Hubert Clees & Sohn has used its new six tonne Böcker AK 42 truck-mounted crane.

The crane went out on a job lifting pallet loads of bitumen welding sheets onto a five storey senior citizens residential complex in Duisburg-Rheinhausen in northern Germany.

The crane lifted the 900kg pallets using the PGA 1800 pallet fork attachment onto the roof and surrounding terrace on the fourth floor of the new building, working at a radius of 15 metres and height of 20 metres. The crane has a maximum boom and jib combination of 42 metres and can take 1.5 tonnes to a height of 24 metres and radius of 18 metres.

The new crane has the ability to raise its main boom to 90 degrees to save space, especially when slewing close to the building or in a narrow space, essentially working like a tower crane. The AK 42 can also be ordered with a hybrid power pack for working close to buildings.

Clees & Sohn is based in Moers on the west side of Duisburg and was established in 1936. The family business is currently run by the fourth generation of master roofers.