Introducing the Latest Edition of Cranes & Access

Introducing the Latest Edition of Cranes & Access
Step into the lifting and work at height world with the latest edition of Cranes & Access. This issue covers an extensive range of topics such as loader cranes, spider lifts, remote controls and for our UK/Ireland readers the annual Top 30 rental fleets guide and survey results.

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Mark your calendars for the highly anticipated Cranes & Access issue scheduled for late October. Prepare to be enthralled by thought provoking articles on spider and mini crawler cranes, mastclimbers and hoists, glass handling and a look at sustainability and recycling in the industry. All this and more including interviews, news, views and our regular columns.

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The Observer
You mean like Height for Hire? Can remember the last time I saw one of their machines on a site, but I heard they shipped most of their standard kit out foreign somewhere

Sep 27, 2023

And AFI are probably doing the same as a few others on the list; counting the machines they have in other countries outside of Ireland and UK.....

Sep 27, 2023

And they aren't the only ones. Those who started lying about their numbers 10 an more years ago have to keep adding to their lies in order to keep some position in this fairy tail.

If the editor studied the financials of these companies, he would quickly see the numbers don't add up!

Sep 27, 2023

I had noticed a few weeks ago someone had commented about it being the time of year to get the lies onto Cranes & Access, boy we weren't disappointed.

AFI have over 6000 machines on the hire fleet, is that counting the models sitting on the managers desks, I know some companies count MHA as part of the fleet I think maybe someone at AFI may have got MHA and models mixed up with actual kit, I haven't seen any new AFI kicking about for a while now do we have Pinocchio doing the audits just saying.

Sep 27, 2023