Tree trimming crush incident

A man died last week while trimming trees in Lancaster, Pennsylvania after he was crushed between the platform and a branch.

The incident occurred on Tuesday September 26th, while Danh Tran, 42, was using a truck mounted platform/Bucket truck that he had borrowed or rented, in oredr to earn some money trimming trees in the local area.
When the emergency services arrived, they found that he had already passed away. The coroner later confirmed that he had died of “accidental mechanical asphyxia while working on an elevated platform."

OSHA is investigating exactly how the incident occurred.


Our company have been involved in tree work for 53 years and have used platforms for over 30 years. I recognised the danger of entrapment from the start and have pointed it out at every possible opportunity. Tree surgeons are urged by H&S and others to use MEWPS as their first option to access trees. Many do but may be oblivious to the dangers posed by entrapment and electric cables.
Unfortunately in N Ireland more tree surgeons have died in MEWPS than in free climbing and going by the regular reports in Vertikal this problem is not confined to here. We must all try to get the message over to operators that MEWPS don't remove all the dangers whether in tree work or any other industry.
Extra care must be taken to reduce the alarming number of accidents we hear about regularly.

Oct 2, 2023