120t Tadano for P&K

Dutch rental company P&K has taken delivery of a 120 tonne Tadano AC 5.120-1 All Terrain crane.

The 120 tonne five axle AC 5.120-1 features a seven section 60 metre main boom, topped by a wide choice of extensions including a 10.1 to 17.9 metre bi-fold swingaway, which can be extended to 31.9 metres with two seven metre inserts all of which can offset by up to 45 degrees, or reach a maximum tip height of 96 metres.

The crane can achieve axle loads as low as 10 tonnes with 1.3 tonnes of counterweight on board, or where permitted carry up to 13.2 tonnes plus the bi-fold extension and still come within 13 tonne axle loads.

P&K managing director Mark Plas said: “What really clinched it for us was the crane’s impressive capacities, both when carrying its full counterweight and when operated within its 12 tonne axle load limit. And with the Tadano Smart Chart system in the mix, they are simply phenomenal. All that makes the AC 5.120-1 a powerhouse in its class.”

Established in 1988 P&K Kraanbedrijf & Transport service is based in Enter near Hengelo – due east of Apeldoorn, it runs a fleet of All Terrains up to 250 tonnes, along with a telescopic crawler, self-erecting mobile tower cranes up to a six axle models, large loader cranes and aluminium truck crane with platform attachment.