New Spierings for SCA

UK crane and aerial lift rental company Southern Cranes & Access has taken delivery of a new four axle electric powered Spierings SK597-AT4 eLift.

The SK597-AT4 eLift is the latest generation of the Spierings crane concept, with a maximum capacity of seven tonnes, a 48 metre jib and a more compact chassis. The maximum lifting height is 58.1 metres with the jib luffed to 45 degrees, or 27.8 metres with the jib in the horizontal position.

The eLift system allows the crane to plug into a 16 or 32 Amp mains outlet with the power passing through a Lithium-ion battery ‘PowerPack’ which absorbs the peaks in energy draw down allowing a connection to a regular outlet without affecting performance. When the power draw is low the battery pack is recharged. The crane is also equipped with a small diesel which can generate the electrical power when a mains outlet is not available.