UK to investigate Chinese excavator dumping

Following requests from JCB, the UK Trade Remedies Authority has opened two new investigations into imports of excavators from China.
The Authority said: “The TRA will investigate whether these imports are being dumped or subsidised, and are causing injury to JCB’s business and to UK industry. Where the TRA recommends a remedy is necessary, we will conduct an economic interest test to assess whether the implementation of the remedy is in the UK’s economic interest.”

Chief executive Oliver Griffiths added: “Our investigations will examine whether excavators from China are being sold into the UK at unfair prices because of dumping and subsidisation - and whether we need remedies to protect the UK economy.”

This move follows the announcement earlier this week that the European Commission has opened an investigation similar claims for Chinese aerial work platforms, instigated by Manitou and Haulotte.
EU anti-dumping investigation into Chinese platform manufacturers


Poor old JCB the good old British manufacturer. Actually not quite as British as they used to be as they have worked out they can build their own products in a far away land in a more cost effective way.

Perhaps if they cut back on their corporate hospitality budgets they may become a little more competitive themselves. God forbid if they sold to the end user/hire companies taking out the need for a dealership network that helps to inflate prices further.

This particular story stinks of the biggest kid in the playground worried that a few new kids have joined the playground who might just give them a run for their money.

Prices have been going through the roof since Covid and it’s worth noting the lack of impact in the profitability at JCB.

So, like every company look at your costs! Maybe your marketing budget, I am sure that new golf course is used for your own clients and not racking in millions for you as a business.

Nov 17, 2023