Sarens launches Wind Services

Sarens has announced a partnership with “a Polish based partner to launch Sarens Wind Service a specialised division for the onshore and offshore wind market".

Sarens carefully avoids mentioning the name of the partner, but the contract was concluded between Mariusz Sudoł of Sarens and Piotr Żarski of West4Wind, which like Sarens Polska is based in Sochaczew due west of Warsaw.
Mariusz Sudoł (L) with Piotr Żarski

The company added: “The major scope of this division will be maintenance of wind turbines with focus on gear boxes. Our Polish partner has extensive experience in the construction and service of onshore and offshore wind turbines.”
Sarens regional director for Northern and Eastern Europe Mariusz Sudoł said: “The Sarens Wind Service division will help both companies complete our service offerings, leading to an enhanced service provider appeal with an expanded portfolio and ideal market position in local markets. This will also help to optimally utilise available company resources and eventually provide wind turbine construction services leveraging these internal resources and expertise.”

The services offered by the new Polish partnership will include:
- Full warranty & post-warranty, retrofit and statutory testing services Piotr Żarski CEO of West Energy Service 201 -2016
- Turbine Audits
- Replacement of major components
- Repowering
- Turbine construction and decommission

Sudoł added: “Through Sarens Wind Services, we would like to provide maintenance services for wind farms in Finland and Sweden and we will continue service work in the UK, Ireland, and Germany. By 2025, we aim to have individual and robust departments for turbine construction, offshore building and service, and blade repair. We will also be opening a training academy to provide training related to BTT, sea survival, hub, and nacelle.”
Sarens has now installed wind turbines in more than 17 countries and is in the process of opening more Sarens Wind Service offices.