Mateco donates €250k

Mateco Germany is celebrating 50 years in business this year, its activities have included raising funds for charity.

The company added three euros for each rental contract between August and October, while the employees contributed an additional “significant four figure sum,” along with a further top up from the company to reach the €250,000 total. The funds were handed over to the Herzens Wunsch e.V. charity, which roughly translates as ‘The Hearts Wishes’. The organisation which is mainly staffed by volunteers has been helping children and young people who are seriously ill to fulfil a wish or in some cases as for children suffering from Cystic fibrosis it has organised holidays in a sunny climate - such as Gran Canaria, which can significantly help with symptoms.
Beatrix Villing of Herzens Wunsch receives the contribution from Alexander Bradfisch of Mateco

Mateco’s new managing director Alexander Bradfisch handed over the symbolic donation check to Beatrix Villing, a volunteer at Herzens Wunsch e.V. and said: “With our donation we are looking to provide support where help is urgently needed. I am convinced that our contribution will make many children's dreams come true and will give new strength to those affected and their families. What is a heartfelt wish for the children is a matter of the heart for us as a company!”

You can learn more about the Herzens Wunsch e.V charity at :www.herzenswuensche.de