Almac T-Crane ready to go

Almac has released details and specification of the production version of the recently launched T-1060 tracked, self-levelling pick & carry crane.
The new T-1060

The prototype of the new crane was shown at the company’s 10th anniversary celebrations in October. The machine has a maximum capacity of 990kg at a 3.5 metre radius, and a maximum tip height of 7.7 metres at which it can still handle its full 990kg capacity. The maximum radius is 6.1 metres with a capacity of 450kg. The winch is included with 30 metres of wire rope. Charts are provided for all slopes, track widths and slew angles - with or without counterweight.
Unloading is easy with the variable extending tracks

The crane is mounted on rubber, non marking tracks with a retracted width of 1.35 metres extending to 2.45 metres for maximum stability. If one track is left fully in while the other is fully extended the overall width is 1.9 metres. The overall length is 4.32 metres - slightly shorter if the 1,000kg counterweight is removed. The overall height is 1.91 metres. Power comes from either a Yanmar diesel or a 300Ah lithium ion battery pack. Total weight is 3,850kg or 2,850kg without counterweight - the battery machine is around 60kg heavier.
The crane can pick & carry its full load on sloping ground

A key feature of the crane is its self-levelling ability, taken from the scissor lifts, with automatic dynamic levelling of plus or minus 15 degrees in both axis. The crane is operated via a compact remote controller, complete with information screen.
The remote controller

The video below demonstrates the cranes features and capabilities.



Levelling ability, whether self or not, is always a big deal on any crane.

Just ask any crane operator.

Dec 14, 2023

I don't quite understand why self-levelling ability, is such a big deal on this type of crane.

Dec 14, 2023