New Liebherr for Mikschl Autokrane

German crane rental company Mikschl Autokrane has taken delivery of another Liebherr MK 88-4.1 self-erecting tower crane.

The four axle MK 88-4.1 has a maximum lifting capacity of eight tonnes and can handle 2.2 tonnes at its maximum radius of 45 metres with an under hook height of 30.2 metres. The crane can also operate with the jib luffed at 15, 30 or 45 degrees above horizontal for a maximum under hook height of 59.1 metres with a capacity of 1,850kg. Features include single person assembly and use, remote controls and a latest Euro Stage V complaint engine.
(L-R) Alf Neumann of Mikschl, Peter Hofmann of Liebherr and Roland Mikschl owner of Mikschl Autokrane

Roland Mikschl of Mikscl Autokrane said: “With the new MK 88-4.1 we can offer our customers even more flexible and faster solutions. The increasing demand for MK cranes reflects the growing dynamics and needs in various construction projects.”

Founded in 1988, Mikscl is based in Aichach near Augsburg, Bavaria. The company runs a fleet of cranes that includes All Terrains from 45 to 220 tonnes, along with four, five and six axle Liebherr MK self erecting mobiles from two locations -in Aichach near Ausberg, and Feldmoching- Munich. The fleeet also includes a number of loader cranes and trucks.