Airo is the name

Italian Aerial lift manufacturer Airo has changed its corporate name from Tigieffe to Airo Industries.
All other company data, such as VAT number, bank accounts, and address etc… remain the same.
Airo by Tigieffe – a thing of the past

Tigieffe / Airo can trace its roots back to 1970 when three of the Ferramola brothers, Roberto, Virginio and Luigi joined forces to form TGF (TiGiEffe) or Technology Group Ferramola in the town of Luzzara – between Parma and Mantua, where their family built agricultural equipment as Govi and Ferramola.

They began by manufacturing small forklift trucks under the Pimespo brand, adding aerial work platforms, when one of the brothers set up Iteco to launch a range of Marklift like scissor lifts. The Pimespo business was sold to Fiat in 1980 and later became part of Linde.

Two of the brothers stayed with Tigieffe, building platforms for Iteco on an OEM basis, and adding a Linde forklift dealership. By 1990 the company had begun designing and building its own platforms under the Airo brand, with Roberto Ferramola heading the business. In 2012 Chinese manufacturer Jingcheng Heavy Industries – JCHI acquired a 60 percent stake in the business, purchasing a further 30 percent of the equity two years later, resulting in the departure of Roberto Ferramoloa.

Today the company builds a wide range of platforms from small low level push arounds to, spider lifts, mast booms, scissor lifts and boom lifts – articulated and telescopics to 108ft.
Examples of the Airo product range

Vertikal Comment

This move makes total sense, the use of Tigieffe and Airo was always a little confusing especially in exhibition listings where the company often appeared under T rather than A. The only question we might ask is why this was not done 10 years ago?