MK 140 for DM cranes

UK rental company DM Cranes has taken delivery of an eight tonne Liebherr MK 140-5.1 self erecting tower crane.

The five axle MK 140 can take its eight tonne maximum capacity to a radius of 12 metres and a hook height of 36 metres. With the jib in ‘trolley’ mode, the crane has a jib tip capacity of 1,900kg at 58.5 metres radius and a hook height of just under 40 metres. It can also be used in luffing mode with a range from 20 to 70 degrees to achieve a maximum hook height of 94.4 metres or a maximum radius of 65 metres with a 1,000kg capacity.
The MK 140-5.1

DM Director Craig Dickey said: “We are delighted to have taken delivery of our new MK 140. This is a great addition to our fleet and will complement our four, five and six axle mobile self erecting tower cranes to give ultimate versatility to our clients. The company will continue to invest in new technology and always strive to give a first class service.”
(L-R) Simon Cook of Liebherr with Lorenzo Romagnuolo of DM, Shola Russell of Liebherr and Craig Dickey of DM

Established 30 years ago, DM cranes is based in Goole, Yorkshire - halfway between Hull and Leeds - but is now also basing cranes further south in order to offer a more national coverage.