Wagenborg takes first XCMG hybrid AT

Dutch international heavy lift and transport company Wagenborg Nedlift has purchased what it claims is the world’s first 60 tonne hybrid All Terrain crane, an XCMG XCA60_EV, supplied by Blue Sky Equipment.

The move follows an extensive field test programme with Wagenborg, after it was unveiled as a prototype at Bauma in October 2022. The delivery and commissioning of the first production crane is due to take place sometime this summer.

The test crane’s hydraulic system is powered by a 170kW electrical motor, and features three potential operating modes: The diesel which is equipped with a generator, mains power from a 32 or 64 amp AC outlet for continuous emission free operation with performance matching or exceeding the diesel, and finally battery power with a 115kWh high capacity lithium ion battery pack, which is apparently good for up to four hours of crane operation. The batteries can be recharged from the AC outlet or the diesel engine including recharging while travelling.

The crane is equipped with a 48 metre six section pinned main boom, topped by a 9.2 to 16 metre bi-fold offsetable swingaway extension that takes the maximum tip height to around 66 metres.

The new All Terrain is not the first Hybrid XCMG crane, the company introduced a 25 tonne truck crane in China in 2021.

XCMG European sales manager Hu Yuan said: "We are extremely satisfied with the development of our XCA60_EV. To build the perfect machine for the European market, we relied on the knowledge and expertise of the Wagenborg people. Without them, it would have been extremely difficult to develop this crane. We hope that this crane will be the first in a series.”

Wagenborg Nedlift managing director Gerard Bastiaansen added: "This demo crane is far from the final model we have now ordered. Our technical department and operators have had a prominent role in the whole design and production process of the demo crane towards the final XCA60_EV. Sharing all kinds of improvements with our supplier XCMG and Aboma's contribution has resulted in a machine that exceeds our requirements. I am particularly proud that Wagenborg is the first crane company in Western Europe to be able to present this completely emission free crane this summer.”

“The XCA60_EV which incorporates a large number of European components, is the only one so far to meet all the requirements of the Western European market. In addition, the crane will be delivered with an EN13000 and an RDW inspection - in short, a world first.”