Transworld to open source its technology

TransWorld Manufacturing Company, the Las Vegas based producer of heavy lift equipment and accessories, including boom dollies and trailers is to completely change its current business strategy.
A Transworld boom dolly

It will stop accepting any new orders for the equipment it manufactures and has issued a 'Last Call' to its cusotmers. After that it will make the designs available for others to manufacture the equipment. Its ‘go forward’ strategy is to make its entire portfolio of designs - some of them patented - for spreader bars, lifting beams, outrigger mats, man baskets, and boom dollies, available to anyone who wants them for a small fee. It will also continue to support all of its equipment still in operation, as well as meeting all warranty obligations in full.
An engineered lifting beam

The move will allow the company to adapt or sell its facility for other uses, while it focuses all of its energy on providing design, engineering, and consulting services to its clients. It also comes after several years of searching for a new, more suitable production facility. The company has finally determined that the expenses involved with acquiring and moving to another location within commuting distance of its staff would be prohibitively high.

Speaking of the change owner and chief executive Crystal Dieleman said: "We are excited to announce the transition towards open sourcing our technology for the heavy lift and heavy haulage industries. By making our designs available, we aim to empower individuals and organisations with the tools they need to innovate and drive positive change within the industry.”
“It is our belief that the best use of technology is to share it with the world, enabling broader access to safe and reliable solutions while encouraging further development and improvement.”

This is not the first major transformation of the business, TransWorld Manufacturing is a legacy company from Jake's Crane and Rigging, which dates back to 1946 and was involved with much of the high rise development projects of the Las Vegas strip. Over the years it gained strong engineering and design skills as it developed equipment to help with the unique heavy lift projects it was undertaking.

in 2010, Bob Dieleman decided to quit the crane rental business to focus on the manufacturing operations and engineering. While he continued embedded himself in his favourite role of engineering – and inventing - his daughter Crystal took over the manufacturing operations, under the Transworld Manufacturing banner. Dielman adds: “My dad was meticulous with creating safe and efficient products, it only feels right that those ideas live on and help everyone. He was a humanitarian, and I think he would love this idea.”

For more information on the changes and the company’s open source design portfolio contact Crystal Dielman at (+1) 702-798-8920 or email [email protected].


Sad to hear this, but seems inevitable given their location and the value of the raw land.

Their manufacturing lead Mark is a fantastic guy. Mark, I hope you wind up somewhere great.

Feb 24, 2024