New tower crane brand

Dutch sales and rental company Bulten Bouwmaterieel has started assembling self-erecting tower cranes on wheeled and tracked chassis under the Giraffe Cranes brand.

The company works with Potain and Cataneo self-erecting cranes, and is now developing both tracked and trailer chassis for its cranes. The range currently includes the 1.8 tonne 700.26-C on tracks and 700.26-4WD4S on a two axle four wheel drive chassis, with under hook heights from 18 metres with jib horizontal to 26 metres when fully luffed, as well as the 2.2 tonne 900.30-4WD4S /900.30-C with 18 to 30 metre hook heights, the four tonne 1100.30-4WD4S/1100.30-C with 22 to 30 metre hook heights, the four tonne 1000.35-C with hook heights of 23 to 35 metres, and the largest model so far, the four tonne 1000.40-C with hook heights of 30 to 40 metres.
The new assembly hall

A Giraffe 900.30-4WD4S

Director Anton Bulten said: "With Giraffe Cranes we can further develop our products at Bulten, focus on manufacturing and also introduce our Giraffe products to international markets. A great milestone for our company, which celebrates its 40th anniversary next year. Bulten Bouwmaterieel has proven itself in the recent years as a leading partner in self-erecting tower cranes with knowledge, quality and reliability. From that role, the company will continue to expand rental, sales and service in the coming years.”
The first crane on a tracked chassis

(L-R) The Giraffe team: Anton Bulten, Maarten Ebbers, Sandor de Haan, Marco Brink, Ardjan Rijneveld, Ardjan Bulten, Arno Bulten and Jos Grootenboer

Founded in 1985 Bulten Bouwmaterieel is based in Zelhelm east of Arnhem and rents a wide range of equipment including cranes, scaffold towers, aerial work platforms, tools, and other equipment. In February the company moved production to a new manufacturing division and new facility in nearby Baak.

The video below shows the 900.30-4WD4S setting up