New CEO for Loxam Brazil subsidiary

Loxam Brazil, has promoted Marcelo Teixeira, currently operations director of its A Geradora generator rental business, to chief executive. He replaces Enilson Moreira de Lima who agreed to remain in post for an interim period following the sale of the company to Loxam last year.
Marcelo Teixeira

Teixeira joined the company as a technical manager in 2005 and has moved up through the company as he took on roles such as regional manager, events director and most recently director of operations, a post he will retain in addition to his chief executive responsibilities.


He began his career in 2000 as a supervisor with Asperbras, a manufacturer of agricultural equipment, leaving the following year for Latapack Ball where he was appointed as maintenance coordinator. After more than four years in the job he left for A Geradora.

Loxam’s international operations director José Manuel Rubias said: “The appointment of Marcelo Teixeira is an important milestone for the establishment of a true national player, together with the other companies that the Loxam group already has in Brazil. A Geradora’s experience and strong reputation will allow us to establish new goals and new ambitions to be achieved together.”