Marchetti for Canada

Italian truck and crawler mounted telescopic crane manufacturer Marchetti Autogru has launched its first crane for the North American market, the 25 tonne CW25.35.

The first unit was purchased by Powell Foundations of Stouffville, Ontario, on the north east side of Toronto, Canada. The CW25.35 has a five section 25.5 metre boom, topped by a 3.6 to 8.1 metre telescopic jib which offsets by up to 40 degrees – maximum tip height is just under 36 metres. The crane is rated at two metres and can handle 18 tonnes at three metres or 5.8 tonnes on the full boom.
The new crane is ready to ship


Overall width ranges from 2.5 metres retracted for transport to 3.9 metres fully extended with 600mm track pads. Overall height is just 2.7 metres with an overall transport length 7.65 metres, although the crane chassis is just 4.74 metres long. The crane weighs 25.5 tonnes with 3.3 tonnes of counterweight. The crane has now arrived in Canada and is ready to start work.
The handover (L-R) Edoardo Meli of Marchetti with Neal Haughton and Bill Acton of Powell Foundations and Francesco Tagliaferri of Marchetti

Marchetti said: “We are proud to announce the launch of the very first Marchetti crane in North America. With this significant milestone, we hope to extend the Marchetti legacy further than ever by delivering exceptional quality and performance to the North American market.”