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Spotted in Negombo, Sri Lanka, two electricians from the Ceylon Electricity Board working on an electrical pole in the town centre.

With no attempt to cordoning off the area underneath, one electrician can be seen having his wire cutters thrown up to him after having dropped them on to the pavement/sidewalk below. To be fair when it came to larger items of equipment - such as hammers and large spanners/wrenches - the team on the ground would tie them to a rope and hoist them up the pole. As to a platform standing on a street lamp serves as a substitute.
Getting ready to catch the wire cutters

Using the street lamp as a platform

You can see the unconventional methods – at least by western standards - in this video below:


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One for our death wish series. Yes we think it gets in if only for the regular tool drop into the route of passersby.

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Vinnie Rourke

Apr 12, 2024