A new crane tyre

Chinese tyre manufacturer Linglong has launched the ‘Crane Primacy’ tyre for heavy mobile cranes, which it claims offers improved performance, stability, wear resistance and longevity.

The company said: "The new Crane Primacytyres are specifically designed for multi axle cranes and while they may have extremely high axle loads, still need to be able to travel at speed and navigate tight turns, which places high levels of stress on the side walls. Thanks to improvements in the irregular wear patterns and reinforced ribs connecting with circumferential blocks, the new tyre offers the highest overall performance on the highway. In addition, the non-directional tread design contributes to fuel efficiency, while guaranteeing a smooth and comfortable ride for the driver."
The new Crane Primacytyre

Jean-Paul Spijker of Linglong said: “We have invested a lot of engineering time and effort in improving the performance of our Crane Primacytyres and have incorporated a lot of the feedback from the market, both from owners and drivers. Thanks to the new design, stronger carcass and improved compounds, we can now offer some of the best performing mobile crane tyres at competitive prices.”

Founded in 1975, Shadong Linglong has manufacturing facilities in China, Thailand and Serbia with research and development facilities in Zhaoyuan, Yantai, Jinan, Beijing and Shanghai in China, as well as North America and Germany. The company now exports its products to 173 countries.