Bigger boom from LGMG

Chinese aerial lift manufacturer LGMG has launched its largest platform so far, a dual capacity 126ft telescopic boom lift - the T38J-H. The new model will be available with either diesel or battery power.

The new lift employs a four section synchronised boom, topped by an articulated jib, providing a maximum working height of 40.2 metres - LGMG’s largest lift to date. Maximum outreach is 23.5 metres, with the unrestricted 300kg platform capacity, while the 450kg maximum platform capacity is available at up to just over 21 metres, in the 2.44 metre by 910mm basket.

While part of the company’s new H series of boom lifts, the new model uses the X-type swing out legs, introduced by Genie in 2005, and now the norm on larger self-propelled boom lifts. On this machine however, they feature a magnetostrictive displacement sensor which LGMG says enables, smoother, more precise and reliable control.
The new LGMG T38J-H will be available with either Diesel or battery power

The overall width ranges from 2.49 metres when stowed to just over four metres when extended. Overall stowed length with jib tucked under for transport is 14.42 metres with a height of 2.92 metres. Total weight is 20,700kg.

Full multifunction controls allows multiple simultaneous operation of all functions without cross interference, for example the boom elevate, telescope and slew functions, allowing skilled operators to reach the work more quickly.
The units uses a four section synchronised boom plus jib

Four wheel drive, four wheel steer, cylinder bellows and anti-entrapment systems are all standard equipment, while power comes from a Kubota diesel. An electric model is also planned -0 the T38JE, powered by a high capacity Lithium battery pack.

Vertikal Comment

This looks like a handy addition to the growing line up of 125ft telescopic boom lifts, while it does not offer any new technology, it does compete well with the leading manufacturers, providing buyers with more choice, but also making this sector even more competitive.

Swing out legs
For those interested the swing out X type ‘leg’ concept for boom lifts was introduced to the aerial lift market by Genie on its Z135/70 in 2005. It had patented the concept so when JLG introduced a very similar looking set up on its 185ft 1850SJ in 2014 Genie cited its patent with a cease and desist request but JLG won out and now the concept is used by almost everyone.