Multitel youth open days

Multitel Pagliero is hosting a series of open days for students and jobseekers at its facilities in Manta, Italy, aimed at recruiting new employees and inspiring young people from local communities to join the powered access industry.

Last week, students from the Instituto Tecnico Superiore G. Rivoira, west Italy, visited the M2, M4, M5, M6 and M7 plants in Manutua led by chief executive, Fabio Pagliero. They had the opportunity to learn about manufacturing, automation, robotics, safety, service, training, platform operation, marketing and communication. The students also met technicians and other employees who joined the company after graduation.
The students had an immersive learning experience

Multitel also collaborates with local job centres and other schools hosting open days offering an insight into the industry and business.

The number of employees across Pagliero's eight factories in Manta has increased from 337 in 2021, to 551 in 2023, of which 11 percent are female. The average age of the workforce has also fallen to 35.
Learning about the platforms

The next open day will be held this week, with students from another school who will focus on automotive mechanics, mechatronics, welding and 3D design.
Multitel Pagliero staff with some of the students