Manitowoc service kits

Manitowoc has launched a range of service kits whch, it says, include all the necessary parts and components for specific routine maintenance points, which the company says offer "significant cost savings to owners."

The kits include parts bundles for each model in the GMK range, including components such as oil filters, air filters, and O-rings. The company will suggest various kits and components tailored to the specific usage of the crane.
A typical service kit

Parts pricing manager, Astrid Hager-Guthrie said: “The kits are designed by model, and the crane’s age when it is needed. For 1,000 hours, we make recommendations for the different components on the crane and wrap it up into a kit. Let’s say for engine oil filters: whatever is required of the significant components after 1,000 hours of service, that’s what goes into the kit, and at a reduced list price.”