Versalift - Renault

Versalift UK has formed a strategic partnership with Renault and ordered 153 units of its Trucks Master Red Edition to mount its VTL models up to 14 metres. The decision follows a successful and well established collaboration between Renault and Versalift France.

In addition to installing its VTL range on the Trucks Master chassis, the company will also offer it with the 12.3 metre VTE-125. The Renault approved installation ensures that customers benefit from a full Renault warranty and service coverage from its 80 strong dealer network in the UK and Ireland, including a two year extended warranty on spare parts they install.

Versalift UK managing director Andy Bray said: “We chose to build on Renault for its availability, ease of business, and exceptional support, aligning perfectly with our commitment to customer satisfaction. Our strategic partnership with Renault aligns perfectly with our company's objectives of keeping you safe whilst maximising productivity, as part of our national support initiative.”