Taking three to tango

Spotted in Carmona, Andalucia, Spain, three men attempting to install an air conditioning unit on the first floor of a building in the town centre.

In order to get the unit up onto the balcony they have employed a web sling and two step ladders. One man has managed to get up onto the very top step of the ladder with the load and is clearly struggling with the weight and bulk of the unit. Another man, has left his shoes in the street and climbed up onto the first floor and is balancing on the balcony and some sort of makeshift step and while reaching down and attempting to pull the unit up. The third man is steadying the ladder.

So many things can go wrong with this type of stunt, from a badly pulled back or dropped AC unit to a life changing fall.

There are so many easier, safer inexpensive ways to do this, using simple lifting equipment from a chain hoist to a material lift to a small work platform.

Hopefully they succeeded without injury. Definitely one for our Death Wish series though.

Have a safe weekend