US based Diversified Fall Protection (DFP) has appointed Kynan Wynne as 'chief people officer'.

He joins the company from Rooftop Anchor, where for the past 15 years he has worked in various positions, starting out in 2009 as co-founder and vice president leading to his appointment as chief executive in 2019. The business was acquired by DFP in 2021, with Wyne staying on as marketing officer. He began his career in 1988 when he co-founded VIP Building Services, switching to Rooftop Anchor in 2009.
Kynan Wynne

DFP chief executive Travis Nelson said: “We fondly refer to Kynan as our culture crusader. We are so fortunate to have someone with Kynan’s experience and people skills to fill this role. This is an uncommon position for a company in our industry, but our people are the most important input to our success and we know we cannot grow without investing in them. The customer experience is a direct reflection of the employee experience.”

Wynne added: “All the business success I’ve enjoyed in my life is a direct result of being surrounded by amazing people. When a company is devoted to providing a workplace culture that allows people to grow and thrive, the best version of that person appears. As an employer, it’s our duty to help that along. A core value of ours is ‘to take people to higher ground,’ and our goal is to do just that, starting with our own team members.”

Established in 1994, DFP employs around 300 people across six locations in the USA. It specialises in the design, fabrication and installation of fall protection solutions aiming to keep workers safe at height.