Liebherr updates Crane Finder

Liebherr has updated its 'Crane Finder' database and launched it as an app. The new development was announced at the Customer Days event the manufacturer is hosting at its Ehingen plant this week.

The updated tool is designed to help customers find the right mobile or crawler crane for a specific job out of 76 models on the database.
Some of the All Terrains on the database

Users can input details such as load, required height, and radius for their project, and the Crane Finder app will generate a list of suitable cranes.

The updated Crane Finder provides more information on each crane, such as ballast radius, main boom angle and central ballast.
The app in operation

The company has also introduced the 'Optimise Configuration' button, which displays the minimum amount of ballast needed to meet the specific load and claims that in many instances, the ballast can significantly be reduced, ultimately reducing CO2 emissions.

The new app also features a 'favourites' function, enabling users to select and save their preferred crane models for a given job type.

This youtube tutorial shows the app in operation: