Another Tadano for Perthel

German rental company Perthel Stahlbau has taken delivery of a 70 tonne Tadano AC 4.070L-1 All Terrain crane, the fifth Tadano to join its fleet.

The four axle AC 4.070L-1 made its first appearance at Bauma in 2022 and features a six section 52.1 metre main boom plus a nine to 16 metre bi-fold swingaway extension with up to 40 degrees of offset and a maximum tip height is 70 metres. It can handle 62.5 tonnes at a three metre radius and 27.8 tonnes at an eight metre radius or 5.8 tonnes on full boom, at up to 18 metres radius.
The new crane is collected

Jörg Müller managing director said: “We’ve had the previous model with us for 10 years now and have nothing but good things to say about it. And with that kind of result, it was pretty much a given that we’d eventually decide to get the upgraded version in the form of the AC 4.070L-1, which we have now done. Also our cranes usually don’t have to travel very far to the job, so it made economic sense to us to have a smaller more efficient superstructure engine.”
(L-R) Jens Meirich of Perthel, Lukas Müller of Perthel, Jörg Müller of Perthel, Uwe Degenhardt of Tadano and Andreas Krause of Perthel

The cranes first job will be for a Belgian customer Nippon Gases erecting the steel frame of a new building for dry ice production in Zörbig.

Perthel Stahlbau was founded in 1990 and is based in Bad Lobenstein south of Leipzig towards Bayreuth. It employs 65 people specialising in planning and building turnkey steel frame factory and commercial buildings. The company’s mobile crane fleet includes 30, 50 and 70 tonners.