150t Grove for T. Pater

Dutch rental company Kraanverhuur T. Pater has taken delivery of a 150 tonne Grove GMK5150XL All Terrain crane.

The five axle crane boasts a seven section, 68.7 metre main boom with a capacity of 8.1 tonnes on full boom, or 12.7 tonnes at 60 metres. A 9.6 to16.2 metre bi-fold swingaway extension can be further extended with an 11.3 metre lattice insert installed between the boom nose and swingaway for a maximum tip height of 99 metres. The GMK 5150XL can travel with up to 10.2 tonnes of counterweight on board while keeping within 12 tonne axle loadings.
The new crane on its first outing

Owner Harry Pater said: “We were so happy with our reliable GMK5095, and it gave us nine years of great service. But we wanted to go bigger and do more, so we opted for the GMK5150XL. We have not been disappointed, we can already see the difference. It’s easy to operate, runs smoothly, and already shows a strong return on investment for us. The crane has an impressive load chart and an enormous reach with its 68.7 m main boom.”
The incab display panel

One of the cranes first jobs was in the village of Tienhoven where it lifted six tonne concrete floor panels for a community building and sports hall.
The crane lifting floor panels for a community building

Founded in 1982 and based in 't Harde, east of Amsterdam, T.Pater has additional branches in Amersfoort and Almere.