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Insphire moves into the US

UK based rental software company inspHire has decided to launch a US business.
The company which already has a few installations in the USA exhibited at the recent Rental show in order to test the market.

Following the show it has announced that it will now press ahead with plans to open a North American office.
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The inspHire stand at this year's ARA/Rental Show

Managing director Graham Dobbs said: "The feedback regarding the inspHire rental application has been phenomenal, and has spurred us on in our plans to set up our US office. We were amazed at how many people commented on the refreshing look and feel of inspHire and they were very excited that a Microsoft
Windows application with the capability of running a multi-lingual, multi-currency company would be available directly in the USA.”

“In Europe, inspHire has a reputation of supplying reliable enterprise level solutions of 1,000 plus user systems across multiple countries with over 200 locations, so US companies can be confident of our history and our credentials."