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$100k fine for Boom

Melbourne based Boom Logistics has been fined $100,000 following a fatal crane incident in 2009 in the town of Telarah, to the northwest of Newcastle, New South Wales.

Subcontract rail workers were unloading 35 tonnes of steel tracks and sleepers using a crane rented from Boom Logistics, when the ‘panel’ holding the materials broke apart.

Some of the tracks fell on the men, killing one of them. Four others were seriously injured, including one who had to have his arm amputated.

Boom Logistics pleaded guilty to a breach of the Occupational Health and Safety Act and was fined $100,000 plus legal costs. In a statement the company said: "This incident has shown that precise and comprehensive communications are critically important at all times, and particularly at sites where there are a number of contractors operating. We deeply regret the devastating impact the incident has had on the family, friends and colleagues of the victims and are constantly looking at improving safety.”

New South Wales finance and services minister Greg Pearce said: "There were simple things that the company could have done to prevent such an incident. It should have carried out an appropriate risk assessment and provided a safe system of work for workers to carry out their tasks. This incident was totally avoidable"

In April rail contractor Hebron Holdings, was fined $200,000 for the part it played in the incident.


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